Paul McDaid

I have been in The Food Industry for over sixteen years and one thing I have to say is I love Pizza. Most people do. It's a quick, tasty snack or meal that can be as simple as you like or as complicated as you like to make.

To make your own Pizza from scratch takes time. You need to make your dough, let your dough rise (1 hour), roll it out, make the tomato sauce, and add your toppings. A lot of time is needed. We all know that time equals money. I wanted to put a Pizza on my menu but I didn't have the time or the space in the kitchen. That was until I was introduced to Rapizza.

Rapizza provides me with the whole package, A great Oven that would fit neatly in my kitchen, pre sauced bases that are as good as you will make yourself and quality toppings for my pizzas.

It takes me less than a minute to make a great Margherita pizza, a little longer if I am to add more toppings. Bake In the oven for 3 to 4 minutes and there you go, an authentic Stone baked Italian Pizza that is delicious.
Less than 5 minutes from freezer to plate or box.

We serve quality food to our customers and golf club members and they would be the first to let me know if they thought the pizzas were not up to scratch. I have been selling this product for one year now without even one complaint. I have had 100% positive feedback from all my customers.

If you can get a better quality Stone base Pizza in 3-4 minutes, please let me know.

'Rapizza is consistent in giving me quality each and every time, Thin crispy Base, Rich Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese and Quality Toppings".

If you haven't got this product you are missing out. 'It's Excellent".

- Paul McDaid, Head Chef Mc Crory's, Culdaff Formerly with Ballyliffin Golf Club, Ballyliffin, Co Donegal.

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