Our Ovens

Our Ovens

VP2 Evolution Pizza Oven

Our high quality self-extraction, twin deck, hot stone pizza oven can be located anywhere on your premises. With its integrated ventilation system with carbon filtered hood, there is no need for expensive extractor fans. It is fully insulated to minimise heat loss and is laser cut in modern polished stainless steel. It has a full electronic computer programme installed which makes it extremely user friendly. It evenly transfers heat to the pizza base from the bottom up and absorbs any oils and water content, giving a nice constant baking that can go up to 450°c. The high temperature draws out the humidity and moisture from the crust, resulting in a light textured, beautifully crispy pizza.

Simply 'Plug & Play' off single phase (13amp socket) and the oven uses only ONE kilowatt of electricity an hour. Low energy consumption means low electricity costs.

VP2 Evolution XL Pizza Oven

  • Twice the size internally of the VP2
  • Allows 4x12 inch at once cooked in 3 minutes
  • Two Separate Chambers, separately controlled
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 3.8Kw heating and 1.5Kw on Standby
  • Like the VP2 Evolution, it has it's own extraction system, meaning it does not require separate extractor fans